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Space Scientists Offer $19k For 2 Months Space Gig

Imagine being asked to lie down on the bed for 2 months and being paid for it. Sounds unreal, right? However, it is absolutely true. Scientists are conducting studies by asking women to stay on bed for a continuous 60 days in order to study the effect that weightlessness has on the human body so that they can use it for research. In return, they are giving 16,500 euros to the participants which are equivalent to $18,522.

According to the studies conducted by the German Aerospace Center, space crews who travel to space using spacecraft feel the effects of weightlessness that is caused to them by microgravity. Their body undergoes changes and the body fluids are also primarily transferred to the head side. The reduction in physical stress is being touted as the cause behind it. Scientists hope that through this study they can understand the effects that the weightlessness has on the body and then they can formulate or devise methods to counteract it, in order to make space life easier for astronauts, who otherwise have to spend a majority of their time in space exercising.

The development of a short arm centrifuge system is already a step during the right direction as it can make artificial gravity which can be used to regulate the direction of flow of the body fluids. Hansjoerg Dittus from the German Aerospace Center believes that manned spacecraft is going to take place for a long time coming and scientists should look at ways in making the journey better for them and not let it become unsafe.

The participants include 24 members as of now- 12 men and 12 women and they have been instructed to perform all activities while lying down on an inclined bed at 6 degrees. Showering, eating, excretion everything will be done in this position. Nutritionists will keep a check on their meals and make sure that they get proper nutrition and do not gain weight. The participants will be given sweet treats as well. The women who can take part in the upcoming parts of the test include women of 24 to 55 years of age and non-smokers and must be fluent in German. Since the study is already underway let’s wait and see the result that it is going to bear.

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