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Tesla Plans To Raise The Prices Of Its Cars In Inventory By 3 Percent

American electric car manufacturer Tesla is currently planning to increase the prices of its cars in its inventory by 3 percent from the coming month. The prices of its cars are seen to be fluctuating periodically has the company changes its pricing policy due to various factors. In the recent past, Elon Musk, who is the Chief Executive of the company had announced that the company is intending to bring down the prices of its Model 3 significantly so as to be competitive in expanding electric vehicles market. He had publicly announced that the car will be made available in the market for the price as low as $35K.

In a fresh story, the company has announced that the prices of all the cars which the company has in its current inventory will be raised from April 1, 2019. Musk has made the announcement in one of his tweets saying that the new prices will be effective from the midnight of 1st of April. He has also made it clear that the current prices which are shown on the website of Tesla will not be affected as the prices of the cars in its inventory are already lower than the prices that are revealed to the customers.

The company’s decision of increasing the inventory prices will equate both the prices, he said. The cars in the inventory of the company are the ones that are already manufactured or the ones which are used previously by their owners. Like the customization feature available on the website of Tesla, these cars do not have options for customization. As the prices are seen to be fluctuating frequently, the existing owners are seen to be getting irritated and there is also a significant impact on the potential customers of the company.

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