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NASA Cancels Its First All-Female Spacewalk

According to NASA, the first all-female spacewalk event will have to wait, due to a basic issue allied with the size of the spacesuit. Both astronauts Anne C. McClain and Christina H. Koch were slated to walk together in space on Friday and for that, they both needed a medium-size torso component. But at the International Space Station, there was only one suit readily available.

NASA’s mission is still unchanged. On Friday, two astronauts will head for a mission which is scheduled outside of the International space station for around six-hour. The aim is to install huge lithium-ion batteries and these batteries will help the research laboratory to get power. For this mission, Ms. Koch is still slated to take part in the mission along with the fellow astronaut Nick Hague. Last week, Ms. McClain has done her first spacewalk. NASA stated that the first all-women spacewalk venture outside of the International Space Station will have to occur on another day. The mission managers have decided to change the assignments, after checking with Hague and McClain.

NASA’s spokeswomen, Stephanie Schierholz stated that inside the ISS there were already a pair of medium-size hard upper torsos which in layman term can be considered as the shirt of the spacesuit. But there were a couple of issues. The spacesuit that Ms. McClain had thought that she would be comfortably able to work, was a torso of large-size, but in her recent spacewalk she wore torso of a medium-size and as per Ms. McClain, a medium size torso fits her better. Ms. Koch also uses a medium-size torso and that means there were two medium-size torsos available on the ISS, but out of the two, one has yet to be properly configured for the event. For crew labor, it might have taken hours to fix that in time. So, instead of a quick fix, NASA changed its plan to switch out the astronauts.

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