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Russia Used Inexpensive Techniques For Hacking In US Elections—Mueller Report

A new update has now come in regarding the intervention of Russian hackers into the polls of United States Presidential elections, 2016. According to the pole, the hackers from Russia had used quite inexpensive tools to get into the American system. They have also commented that it was very easy for a foreign nation to interfere with a Western nation.

The report has been released by the Robert Mueller. He is a special counsel. He provided details regarding how Russian hackers trolled and tried to use social media to influence the election results. They are also accused of stealing documents from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The hacking started in March 2016. The hackers started by hacking the desktops and email accounts of the agencies, volunteers and the employees who supported the Hilary Clinton campaign. The hackers are considered to be a part of Russian military intelligence agency, GRU. They even hacked the email account of John Podesta, who chaired the campaign.

The hackers also took control of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) computer networks; Democratic National Committee (DNC) also fell prey to this hacking mission.

It is now known that at first GRU used hacking technique called spear- phishing. In this technique a hacker sends an email to the email account holder. The email contains a false link to a fake site or an attachment. When the account holder clicks the URL link or opens the attachment, a malicious software gets installed on the desktop or mobile of the user. On the other hand, the false website might ask for personal details of the account holder, like passwords and confidential information which is used to get in different sites.

When the hackers got into the DCCC network, it was easy for them to get access to the DNC network.

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