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Vodafone Ireland Sees 35% Rise In Global Connections For IoT

Vodafone Ireland informed that their global connections which are mainly used for Internet of Things (IoT) have seen a growth rate of 35%. Vodafone has also informed that they can witness a steady growth rate in the use of technology for IoT across all the business and commercial sectors. Agriculture, transportation, logistics and health are some of the key sectors in this regards.

A Vodafone representative has also informed that at present there are 3,75,000 IoT SIMs in the country which are globally connected. This was the count till December 2018. This year from January to March, there has been an increase in the number by 15-20%.

In March, ComReg, which is the telecom regulatory authority in Ireland, informed that machine to machine mobile subscriptions (M2M) have crossed the 1 million milestone. In Quarter 4, 2018, Vodafone had the largest share in the M2M subscriptions (50.7%). The next in the list were Three Group (47.4%) and Eir (2%).

According to Vodafone, the immense popularity of IoT is due to the fact that businesses can easily buy cost effective services; the reliability and security of the connections is also responsible for this immense adoption.

Almost 1750 organizations from all parts of the world, which also included Ireland, informed that use of IoT technology is helping all the businesses. According to another survey, 86% of the adopters in the automobile industry have used IoT to generate more revenue and bring in product differentiation. 84% have informed that their business strategy has changed by using IoT. On an average, 60% of the adopters have informed in next 5 years time their business might be completely disrupted by IoT.

IoT is now used day in and day out in Ireland. People use it for telemetry of the car, connect ambulances, for CCTV connections and to track GPS.

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