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Study Reveals Marijuana Consumers Do Not Weigh More, Despite Munching

From the latest experiments conducted by the scientists of Michigan University, people who consume Marijuana are known to weigh less. The latest findings have a contradiction with another study in which researchers had stated that people who consume marijuana tend to have more weight.

During an exclusive interview, Omayma Alshaarawy said that participants on whom the study was conducted reveal that people who consume marijuana on a daily basis are less prone to weight gain. Alshaarawy also said that people who consume marijuana are less prone to obesity. She further said that patients who use marijuana were able to maintain a healthy weight.

For the research, scientists used the data from NESARC and took 33,000 people as a test study; all of the patients were adults. The weight difference between a user and non-user of marijuana is slight viz. 2 pounds. Though the difference was close to negligible, scientists found it’s consistency throughout 30,000 participants.

During the interview, Alshaarawy said that it is still unclear about the precise mechanism which had allowed the marijuana users to maintain weight. She also said that there might be several factors which are playing an effective role in the process. Alshaarawy indicated that marijuana might have affected the behavioral pattern of individuals. She said that individuals might have turned more calorie-conscious and have started to eat less amount of food on a daily basis.

Alshaarawy further stated that there’s another possibility that marijuana might have played an effective part in the process. She said that there might be a possibility that the drug reacts in a specific manner with the cells of a human body have may have increased the metabolism.

The researcher further cautioned people that they shouldn’t include marijuana in their daily lifestyle as it also has several side-effects. While making a press statement, the researcher stated that though marijuana helps people in regulating weight with prolonged use it also causes several complexities in the body.

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