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Boeing 737 Max Aircraft Are Blocking Up Its Storage Lots

Since March 13, the global Boeing 737 Max fleet has been grounded in reply to the crashes of Lion Air Flight JT610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight ET302. The company has also suspended 737 Max’s customer deliveries. Still, the company did not stop its factory in Renton, Washington where the 737 is assembled.

Earlier the crash that happened on March 10 in Ethiopia, the company had been manufacturing 737 and that too at a rate of 52 airplanes a month and it planned to notch production up to 57 aircraft by the end of 2019. According to a company spokesman, the production of the aircraft persisted unchanged for about a month later the crash, till the company proclaimed its plans to cut the rate from 52 aircraft a month to 42 aircrafts a month. Because of this, the company is keeping the undelivered aircraft in many sites around the Puget Sound. Even after slowing down the overall production, the number of aircraft that left undelivered is started to swell by being there in and around the company’s production facilities.

The aircraft are standing in storage lots at the Paine Field next to the company’s Everett, at Boeing’s Renton factory located in Washington and at the Seattle Delivery Center at Boeing Field. Above ground, photographs show that the space of the facilities appears to be filling up very rapidly. It’s still vague when the Boeing 737 Max will be able to start again its service. Both Southwest Airlines and American Airlines have dragged the aircraft from its plan up until mid-August, and United has pulled the aircraft from airlifts in early July. The company is working on a software update to fix the aircraft’s disturbed flight-control system. As per the Federal Aviation Administration, the agency is expecting the company’s closing proposed fix in the upcoming weeks.

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