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US, Russia Must Foster Better Economic, Political Relations Says Russian Fin Min

The Finance Minister of Russia, Anton Siluanov, stated last Thursday that it is imperative that the US and Russia resolve their differences for the overall development of the global economy. It has been seen recently that the tensions between Washington and Moscow have been worse than the Cold War days. This comment from the Russian ministry follows recent flare ups and provocations from various quarters.

It was stated by William Barr, the Attorney General of US, that the involvement of Russia in the Trump campaign has not been established due to a lack of evidence. When it was asked if the business community in Moscow was exposed after the release of the Mueller report, the finance minister replied that there had not been any doubts as to what the final verdict of the reports would be. He stated that the reason for the tensions between the two countries was not due to the report, but due to the natural relation that they have with each other. Such a tense climate does not foster development of business relations. Hence the links need to be strengthened between the two countries. He said that this step needs to be taken keeping in mind the global scenario.

Putin had previously suggested that it was evident that the Mueller report would find nothing. He had said that the allegations were baseless and “nonsense”. It has been proved in the report that Moscow did try to meddle with the 2016 election and the conclusion was that Kremlin did interfere, through online propagandas and hacking emails.

The GDP of Russia in 2018 had a growth rate of 2.3%, marking this figure as the highest in the last seven years. Russia says that this has been achieved through planned investments and business activities. Hence the rise in the oil prices ends up benefiting Russia as it stands to be the largest producer of oil and natural gas.

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