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Online Grocery Shopping Growth Down In UK

As per Mintel research data published recently, online retail grocery sector in UK is likely to witness a mild setback as customers are still worried about delivery charges and order error issues. Their recent survey showed that while in 2016 around 49 % of respondents declared that they were shopping groceries online, last year only 45 % affirmed that they were still shopping online for groceries. The study also revealed that around 42 % of seniors declared that they never purchased groceries online and they are not likely to do in future too. They surveyed around 2000 internet users for feedback on their grocery shopping experience and found out that nearly 63 % of respondents had issues with their order during last year. Nick Carroll the associate director of retail sales at Mintel stated that online grocery and food discounters are the among fast growth segments of the grocery sector.

But now it appears that the growth is slowing down and users’ numbers are plateauing as retailers are struggling to entice new customers with offers and services. During last year the deliveries from online grocery made up 7 % of the sector which had valuation of £ 12.3 billion which is likely to touch around 10 % by 2023 as sales will grow to £ 19.8 billion.

The survey revealed that there is great disparity between suspicious older generation and enthusiastic younger generation over their acceptance of technology as only 35 % of people above 45 years used these services. Around 75 % of people who refused to buy groceries online wanted to pick up fresh products themselves. The major grouse of online grocery shoppers was that while 18 % did not like minimum order levels for free deliveries other 24 % were miffed about high delivery charges. Complaints ranged from missing products to late deliveries, expired and damaged products.

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