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Innovative Self Power-Generating Pacemaker Can Avoid Replacement Surgery

A novel invention made by the Chinese researchers at the National Key Laboratory for Science and Technology in Shanghai through the development of a tiny device that attaches to the heart and generates power by itself—which means there would be no need of further battery replacement of the pacemaker in the future.

Chinese researchers developed the pacemaker in such a way that it generates energy by itself when the heartbeat bends it.

The natural pacemaker in the heart is located in the upper right chamber of the heart, sinus node. It generates an electrical impulse at the rate of 60 to 100 times per minute, and the impulse allows the heart muscles to contract, which in turns circulates the blood throughout the body.

But after a certain age or due to some cardiovascular disorder, the sinus node does not perform efficiently, and may skip the beats with time, or may suddenly stop the impulse permanently.

Since the late 1950s, through extensive research, a small implantable battery-powered pacemaker for the non-functional heart has been developed.

Since the last years, the researchers have not tried to figure out the re-filing of the power supply of pacemaker. Pacemaker implantation is a quite intricate surgical process requiring wired connections to feed the electrical pulses.

Though battery replacement is not a quite tough process as implantation, it still comprises some risk of getting an infection.

The recently developed pacemaker equipment can, in fact, connect to the heart’s beats to generate energy to a pacemaker.

At the middle of the device, layers of piezoelectric material are present that generates energy with every bend.

Researchers have been trying for quite long to utilize piezoelectricity for preserving the energy, which usually gets wasted. Earlier also, researchers have tried to develop a pacemaker based on the piezoelectric concept, but the device was not able to bend enough to generate appropriate energy.

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