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Russia To Disconnect From The Internet As Fraction Of A Scheduled Test

Major Internet providers and authorities in Russia are planning to disconnect the nation from the Internet as fraction of a projected experiment, the media claimed. The reason for the test is to collect insight and offer modifications and feedback to a planned law issued in December 2018 in the Russian Parliament. A first draft of the law obliged that Internet providers in Russia must make sure that the independence of the Runet (Russian Internet space) in the case of foreign violence to disconnect the nation from the reaming part of the web.

Apart from this, Russian telecom companies will also have to use “technical means” to re-route all Internet traffic in Russia to exchange points managed or approved by telecom watchdog of Russia, Roskomnazor. Roskomnazor will check the traffic to ban prohibited material and ensure traffic between Russian users remain within the nation, and is not re-routed pointlessly through servers in foreign countries, where it can be intercepted.

On a related note, Russian trolls and social media bots spread false information and promoted discord about vaccines on Twitter, a research earlier discovered. Employing tactics akin to those at work in the presidential election of United States in 2016, these Twitter accounts made an entry into vaccine debates months prior to election season was in progress.

Scientists from the Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University in the U.S. studied a number of tweets posted from July 2014. “The gigantic majority of people in the U.S. believe vaccines are effective and safe, but looking at Twitter offers the idea that there is a lot of dispute. It turns out that most of the anti-vaccine posts arrive from accounts whose origin is uncertain,” claimed an assistant professor at George Washington University, David Broniatowski, to the media in an interview.

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