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Reportedly, Gmail for Android Speckled With “Inbox By Gmail” Features

The Inbox app of Google will be officially closed next month. The firm had declared its intentions to discontinue the email application last year, enabling the users to swap to the Gmail application until the app is shut down. Now, Google is supposedly experimenting a few Inbox features right within the Gmail app for Android. It seems that Google might get features such as reminders and bundles to the future variants of Gmail for Android.

A screenshot was shared by a Redditor of what appears similar to an internal build of the app with a few Inbox facilities. The screenshot evidently displays the bundles feature that puts similar emails as one. It has been a famous feature in the Inbox and can bear out to be helpful if it arrives in the upcoming Gmail releases. Google, in September last year, declared its intentions to shut down the Inbox app and stated that it would get the bundles feature to the Gmail app.

Also, the screenshot puts forth the likelihood of a reminders feature in the Gmail for Android. The users might be capable of quickly crafting and scheduling reminders straight within the Gmail for Android. Nevertheless, as this appears like an early preview build, it is still ahead of time to guess if these features will be arriving to the final build anytime shortly. The screenshot, as per the Redditor, characterizes very early design iteration. To this point, Google has not disclosed precisely which Inbox features will be coming to Gmail’s mobile apps.

On the other end, over the last years, a number of Inbox features have been rolled out for Gmail, comprising inline attachments, Nudges, Smart Reply, and much more. And in the latest, Gmail’s mobile app began getting Material Theme redesign since last week, which is already used on other Google products like Calendar, Drive, and Google Docs.

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