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Nikola Will Reveal Electric Edition Of Two Semi-Trucks Soon

Nikola appears to have understood how to develop completely electric semi-trucks. It disclosed that its Nikola Tre and Nikola Two will be accessible in hydrogen configurations as well as electric. Nikola does aim to keep operating on hydrogen trucks, so it is not completely shifting to electric any time shortly. It claims that hydrogen is affordable for long-haul drives, and the startup hopes to witness 50 times as many orders for hybrids as well as electric semi-trucks. On the other hand, it states that EVs are specifically helpful for “non-weight sensitive applications and inner cities.”

Nikola will formally disclose the trucks at Nikola World, which occurs on April 16, 2019 and April 17, 2019 in Phoenix. It earlier claimed that it will show the hydrogen edition of the Two in action, while the Tre will be as a prototype at the show. European trial of the latter is anticipated to begin next year.

On a related note, earlier Daimler executed a decision (that was many years in the making) by revealing its own electric truck (although diesel-fueled) equipped with semi-autonomous tech. The German auto manufacturer also promised to manufacture the truck this year, with deliveries planned by the year end. It promised 500 Million Euros over the coming few years to the sustained development of an autonomous truck, and claimed that it has appointed hundreds of workers to take the technology forward.

And just similar to what it did when it revealed the prototype edition in 2015, Daimler offered the media a ride in the truck to get a peep of what the future of trucking will seem like. While there are a handful of Tesla Semi models on the streets now, and a number of big name firms have placed preorders for the big rig, it does not seem like a production edition is arriving shortly.

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