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Microsoft No More Wants You To Use Internet Explorer

Microsoft terminated the Internet Explorer brand almost 4 Years back, selecting Edge as its Windows 10 modern browser. Internet Explorer lived on as plumbing for business compatibility and for Windows, but the firm is not supporting it with new web protocols—its legacy code. A cybersecurity expert in Microsoft’s Windows department, Chris Jackson, has now summarized what he dubs as the “perils of employing Internet Explorer as your default browser.”

While most users are expectedly employing Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, a number of companies still depend on Internet Explorer for older web applications that have not been modernized. The firm has attempted many different methods to push businesses to enhance their older web apps, but IT administrators over the years have obviously taken the easy path of employing Internet Explorer and its different compatibility modes. Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10 employs an Enterprise Mode so that IT administrators have to include the websites they need to employ old editions of web protocols with.

On a related note, the Edge web browser by Microsoft has seen little achievement since its roll out back in 2015 on Windows 10. Developed from the ground up with a novel rendering engine dubbed as EdgeHTML, Microsoft Edge was developed to be lightweight, fast, and safe, but rolled out with a number of problems that led to users declining it. Edge has since grappled to attain any traction, due to its lack of mindshare and continued instability, from web developers and users.

Due to this, now it has been told that Microsoft is dropping the idea of EdgeHTML and rather building a novel web browser fueled by Chromium, an innovative engine first popularized by Chrome browser by Google. Dubbed as Anaheim, this new Windows 10 browser will restore Edge on the platform as the default browser.

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