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Oumuamua’s Alien Spaceship Revelation Has Now Got A Proof

Avi Loeb is not planning on giving up despite the scientific community backlash. He is adamant about the fact that his theory about the interstellar object named Oumuamua that crossed our Solar System. According to Loeb, the interstellar object is an alien spaceship.  The astronomers as per Loeb seem to have lost their childhood eagerness to known the things beyond the Universe may be because they are scared of being mocked for wrong discovery.

The Harvard University’s top scientist has already started working on an equation to prove Oumuamua which is currently orbiting the Jupiter as a part of the alien spacecraft. The predictions have shown that the Oumuamua is headed for the borders of the Solar System. The intricate rotation of the matter makes an analysis of its shape very difficult. The Harvard scientist is not backing off from his newly discovered theories. Loeb finds the object as not an asteroid or comet but rather as a lightsail that may have once been the driving force of advanced technological equipment. On comparison with a comet and asteroid, it shows no resemblance in properties or shapes which is quite baffling. This potato-shaped rock image of the Oumuamua is actually wrong. According to Loeb, the 1-millimeter-thick and 1 kilometer-long obloid lightsail is light and thin such that it can capture the sunrays and use them as wind for propelling ahead in space.

The shape of the object is difficult to determine owing to the complex rotation built still has been found to be cigar-shaped as per the scientist. Even though he had to face a lot of criticism for his vague views of Oumuamua and even many of them have termed his theory as senseless and ill-motivated. Loeb is trying his best to convince the scientific community who are disproving his theory. Washington State University Astrobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch along with Professor Ian Crawford from the University of London has found that the aliens must have lived on the moon owing to the magnetic field that it is wrapped in can keep any life form safe from the solar winds. The Moon may have had certain life forms transported there owing to the massive meteorite impacts experienced by the Earth in earlier days.

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