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Flickr Expands Its Deadline Of Deletion Till March After User Outcry

In 2018, Flickr declared a new costing plan: consumers will have to give $50 for a Pro subscription, or be restricted to 1,000 pictures. Those consumers who select not to pay and who were over the limit will have those extra pictures removed shortly. Those consumers will have a little more time. The media reports that Flickr is now claiming it has expanded the deadline of deletion till March 12, 2019.

In 2018, SmugMug (rival site) purchased Flickr from Yahoo, claiming that it will leave it as a separate community, and that it will get a little more attention as compared to Oath/Verizon offered it. The first big modifications came earlier in November 2018, when Flickr disclosed its new subscription model. Consumers had until January 8, 2019 to update to a $50 Pro subscription, and at that time, would not be allowed to upload any extra pictures if they had over 1,000 pictures on the website.

This week, those over-the-limit consumers who had not updated and who had not downloaded their archives will have their pics removed, beginning with their oldest pictures.

On a related note, earlier Google eliminated the option of “view image.” In its place, users can jump via a handful of extra hoops to get what they need. Users used to type in their image search by visiting to the platform. Find the image they like and click on it. Choose view image and save.

Well, this will be stopped now. Now users will receive the choice to “visit website” where they can anticipate hanging around for the page to load. They can then scroll down to the picture and then be encountered with the choice to right click and carry on the normal proceeds. If not so, this might be due to the fact that some sites are now taking back that privilege as well.

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